Tokyo Art & Antiques 2017

4.14 (fri), 4.15 (sat)

Art Space Rashinban

104-0031 2F Kyoei bldg., 3-5-3 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

TEl: 03-3538-0160 »call
+81-3-3538-0160 »call
FAX: 03-3538-0160

Open Hours:11:00-19:00
Last day of exhibition 11:00-17:00


Exhibition and Events of 2017
Introduction of the gallery

The art space Rashinban, established in 1999, is located in Tokyo’s Shinbashi neighborhood. In Japanese the term Rashinban means “mariner’s compass,” and the gallery serves as a compass for young artists, pointing them in new directions and introducing them on the art scene. The gallery exhibits the works of these promising young artists, and Rashinban selections are very popular among collectors of modern Japanese painting. The gallery’s spacious exhibition areas are the ideal environment for displaying the works of these blossoming artists.

The art space Rashinban

Koyu Okazaki

Exhibition and Event during the Tokyo Art & Antiques 2017

Archive of the gallery during the past Tokyo Art & Antiques

Artspace Rashinban's Exhibit (closed)

Art Space Rashinban

2015.4.13(mon)- 4.18(sat)

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